Software engineer | Web developer | Pixel Artist | Mac Analyst |
Animal lover | Totally in with life


Who ?

Hi! I am a computer science grad from the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela and I am passionately curious about the web. I love creating for the web. I have been in the game since 2010 and have loved doing what I do.

Bottomline: If you can think of it then I can paint it in pixels and show you my artistry in code.

What ?

Bootstrap and Wordpress developer
Web Master and Creative designer
Open Source enthusaist
Extremely hungry

Software Engineer by Education
Web developer by passion
Pixel artist by addiction
Mac Analyst by profession
Animal Lover by choice

Where ?

I hail from the north eastern state of Mizoram and am a native of Bihar.

I am based in Bangalore, India and work here as a Mac Analyst at IBM.

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  HTML 5
  CSS 3
Bootstrap  BootStrap
 Font Awesome


Client-Side: JavaScript
Server-Side: PHP
Database: mySql

Apps and Tools

Adobe Creative Suite
GIMP, Xampp,
Atom and Vagrant

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